Christmas competition

The Christmas contest is over - you can find the winner's draw from the correct answers on our Facebook pages and Instagram.


73nutrition® "Christmas Competition"

(hereinafter referred to as the “Statute”)

The statute regulates the conditions of participation in the competition, the manner and procedure for performing the activities necessary for its implementation and defines the details of the rights and obligations of the participants.

1. Competition Organizer (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”)

Business name:                    73nutrition, Ltd.
Address:                               Pribinova 3139/95, 960 01  Zvolen, Slovakia
Company ID:                       47 360 488
VAT:                                      SK20 238 337 35 /HU30352269-2-51
Registered in:                       the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic, OkS Banská Bystrica, Section: Ltd., Insert: 27002 / S

2. The date of the competition
The competition will be held from 12.12.2019 from 20.00 to 18.12.2019 to 10.00. At this point it is possible to enter the competition. The competition takes place on the organizer's social network pages:
- Facebook: 73nutrition, 73nutrition CZ, 73nutrition Hungary.
- Instagram: 73nutritionsk, 73nutritioncz, 73nutritionhu.

Of all participating on the above sites, one winner will be drawn.

3. Persons authorized to participate in the competition
Any individual over 15 years of age with residence in the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary republic may participate in the competition. Employees of the competition organizer cannot participate in the competition.

4. Conditions of participation
To participate in the competition:
4.1 that the eligible contestant should answer the competition question: How much does the illustrated “Gymsack full of disposable packages” weigh in kilograms? The tolerance is +/- 0.300 kg. The aid will be published by the organizer during the competition entry.
4.2 that the eligible participant comments in the comment under the competition entry on one of the above mentioned (Article 2) social pages of the organizer.

5. Earnings
The prize in the competition is: “Gymsack full of disposable packs” produced by the “Organizer”

6. Determining the winner and getting to know the winnings
After the deadline for entry, the winner will be drawn from the valid entries (specified in point 4 of the “Statute”). The announcement of the contest winner will be published by the "Organizer" on his / her social pages. The winner will also be contacted directly by the "Organizer" on the contact indicated by him in a private message. If the winner does not respond to the announcement within 14 days and shows no interest in taking over the prize, he / she loses the prize. In this case the organizer will repeat the draw.

7. Method of handing over the prize
The winner and the "Organizer" agree on how to submit the prize. In the absence of mutual agreement, the prize will be sent by the courier company to the winner at the expense of the “Organizer”.

8. Privacy


9. Final provisions
At the same time, each contestant confirms that he / she has been made aware that Facebook has no obligations to the contestant and that such contestation does not arise from participating in the "Contest". The contest organizer declares that the contest is in no way sponsored or otherwise associated with Facebook and is not otherwise associated with Facebook.

In Zvolen, 12.12.2019



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